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Wasabi is often served with sushi or sashimi, usually accompanied with soy sauce (shoyu). The two are sometimes mixed to form a single dipping sauce known as Wasabi-joyu. Wasabi peas and peanuts are growing in popularity, most notably in the United States. These legumes are roasted or fried, then coated with a wasabi-like mixture (usually an imitation). These are then eaten as an eye-watering "in the hand" snack.

Fortunately for those who mistakenly consume too much of this condiment, the burning sensations it can induce are short-lived compared to the effects of chili peppers, especially when water is used to dissipate the flavor. Wasabi paste bears a superficial resemblance to guacamole, a popular staple of Mexican-style cuisine, a similarity which can lead to an unpleasant surprise for those unfamiliar with Japanese cuisine.

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