Local Deluxe Basket

Local Deluxe Basket
Local Deluxe Basket
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Product Description

This local deluxe basket is an exceptional combination of local treats, in that you will enjoy cookies, coffee, macadamia nuts, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, exotic flavored teas, and a tiki mug. There are a total of 10 items listed below. Ship this basket now to all states except for Hawaii for $16.60! Ship within Hawaii for $7.75.

  • 8oz. Meli Raw Hawaiian Honey
  • One Red Tiki Mug
  • 5oz. Big Island Delights Cookies
  • 1oz. Hawaiian Host Chocolate Mac Nuts
  • 4.5oz. Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts
  • 5.5oz. Kauai Kookies
  • 3.5oz. Ohta's Assorted Tea Cookies
  • 20ct. Puuala Kava Tea
  • 0.5oz. Mamaki Tea
  • 8oz. Hilo Mill Coffee

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