Welcome to, Hawaii's Hawaiian Food Store. Our mission is to share the taste of Hawaii with the world. We carry the following Hawaiian food items that are found in the Hawaiian Islands. The list goes from arare, fresh Poi, dried fish, macadamia nuts, chocolates, coffees, juices, li hing mui snack, local condiments, spices, sauces, and gift baskets. Check out our different sections below.

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Hawaiian Food Categories

Arare Snacks
Munch on rice snacks like arare!
Juices, Canned
10 Different Tropical Island Flavors
Hawaiian Host and Hawaiian Sun chocolates!
CoffeeSeafood, Dried
Aku, shrimp, clams, cuttlefish, codfish, and squid!
Straight from the Taro patch!
Hawaiian Hawaiian Honey, Coconut Milk, and Hawaii's popular food ingredients.
Li Hing Mui
Li hing mui flavored everything!
Spice things up with our selection!
Shoyu - Soy Sauce
A basic Hawaii tradition
Hawaiian Kine Flavas
Sausages, Hawaiian
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